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JENBUL are specialist Safety Training Consultants in the process industries. Safety Training Consultants are available worldwide

Current legislation requires that every company establishes a safety policy which identifies potential hazards and personnel responsibilities. The policy also assesses risk and states how these risks are controlled.

Before things go wrong, measures can be taken by checking current working practices against existing workplace standards. By means of a risk assessment and prioritisation of any proposed improvements an action plan is drawn up showing what will be done and when.

Organisation of staff is a prerequisite for good safety management. Have all staff received training and have they the resources to fulfil their everyday duties? By regular discussion of health and safety issues, responsible staff can be encouraged to help in developing practical solutions to problems.

Safety Training ConsultantsThe wide range of experience deriving from the diverse nature of expertise within the JENBUL can readily produce a plan for organising what needs to be done so as to enable day to day activities to be carried out safely.

JENBUL can assist an organisation to establish immediate health and safety objectives by:

DEFINING - a company health and safety policy

DEVELOPING - organisational arrangements and

ESTABLISHING - performance standards, systems of control and methods of auditing

In house polices will also need to comply with the requirements of the environmental agencies regarding all discharges whether intentional or as a result of an incident.

In addition to national and local legal requirements, consideration must be given to demands from occupiers within the neighbourhood of the site. Experience of managing public relations is therefore considered to form a significant part of any health and safety policy.

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