Chemical Handling and Storage

Jenbul can advise on all aspects of chemical handling and storage.

With almost 50 years' worldwide experience, JENBUL has become a market leader in many technical safety training fields. Our clients are located throughout the world and include several Blue Chip Companies.

JENBUL - with their extensive knowledge of current operational practice and associated academic qualifications - have first hand knowledge of many specialised areas of technology. This hallmark of the JENBUL organisation has been recognised and is acknowledged throughout the process and allied industries.

JENBUL continues to provide HAZOP training as part of the University of Sheffield's Process Safety & Loss Prevention Master's programme.

JENBUL implements quality management systems which, until 2023 were confirmed by external audit (British Assessment Bureau) to satisfy the requirements of ISO9001:2015. Our certification was continuous since 2012. However, a review of value added during 2023 concluded that the annual audits had introduced only minor improvements and so we decided to dispense with that aspect. While we cannot claim continued certification, we continue to operate to our existing QMS system (which will continue to be developed by our internal audits), which was certified for:

The provision of training courses in the field of technical safety to organisations operating in the global Oil and Gas, Pharmaceutical, Nuclear, Defence and general industry/Government sectors

JENBULprocess industries
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