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HAZOP, HAZOP Study, HAZOP Leadership, HAZOP Training, HAZOP courses

HAZOP, HAZOP Training, HAZOP Leadership, HAZOP Management, HAZOP Courses, Hazard and Operability Study, HAZOP Study, HAZOP Studies, HAZOP Team

What is HAZOP? (Hazard and Operability Study)

The technique of Hazard and Operability Studies (HAZOP) is used for 'identifying potential hazards and operability problems' caused by 'deviations from the design intent' of both new and existing process plants.


A HAZOP study is completed by the JENBUL team which includes the designers, safety representatives and a number of members with expertise in a range of related fields. The team also includes individuals who have knowledge of operating similar equipment and plant.

Information presented to for HAZOP Study

The design process generally includes a number of HAZOP studies (HAZOP 1, 2 3)

The first (HAZOP 1) study would be based on the design specification and the resulting process flow diagrams / block diagrams.

The second (HAZOP 2) study would be based on the design specification and the more detailed Engineering Flow Diagram / Mechanical Flow diagrams.

The later HAZOP studies would be based on actual Production and Operating document.

HAZOP Leadership

See our HAZOP Leadership page for details of JENBUL's services relating to managing and leading HAZOP studies.

HAZOP Training and HAZOP Courses

Please see our List of Available Courses page for details of the HAZOP Training that JENBUL can provide.

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